Ten Commandments Day

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Finally, a day in which we can come together and celebrate
God's eternal moral law.

Recent court rulings have threatened the very fabric and foundation of our culture and faith. The Ten Commandments, which have served as the moral foundation and anchor of our great country, are systematically being removed from public places. Public displays of the Ten Commandments have been a powerful visual testimony to the fact that the United States of America is "one nation under God." Their removal from public places shows that those with a secular humanist agenda are intent on destroying the moral heritage of our nation.

Those who care about traditional values cannot passively sit by and watch the removal of the very principles that made this country great. The Ten Commandments are the heart of all moral code and must be restored to the heart of our society.

We are inviting all Christians, churches, synagogues, ministry leaders, religious bookstores and everyone who is interested in preserving traditional values to join us in a national and global movement to restore the Word of God to our nation.

The focal point of this movement is the fifth annual Ten Commandments Day that will be held on Sunday May 2, 2010. On this date we are calling on all who are concerned about traditional Judeo-Christian values to host celebrations in support of the Ten Commandments in their local communities. Many churches have already announced that May 2 will be Ten Commandments Day in their communities. On that day, all are encouraged to wear the Ten Commandments Pin .

With the Ten Commandments Day, we will offer a powerful display of unity as we, with one voice, declare our unwavering support for the bedrock principles that made our country great-The Ten Commandments.

Some of the original Christian leaders involved with the Ten Commandments Day include:

Will you join with us?

Please take a stand and join the coalition of thousands of cross cultural interdenominational community leaders, pastors, rabbis, educators, and heads of denominations who are committed to bringing the Word of God back to our nation. Join us for Ten Commandments Day!