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Help make the Ten Commandments
Weekend an official date on the calendar.




The Ten Commandments Commission achieved a great success in bringing God, Family & Country to the forefront of the public square. In standing up to the Supreme Court and in moving resolutions in the US Congress, the Ten Commandments Commission helped bring a wave of awareness to the heart and soul of the nation. Faith base communities, Jewish and Christian, churches, synagogue, home educators, cell groups were touched, mobilized and organized in a massive show of solidarity.

The Ten Commandments commission harnessed this enormous tide of energy to create support groups and helping hands to the less fortunate among us, focusing on providing supplies and equipments to the disabled & handicapped.

Finally, a day in which we can come together
and celebrate God's eternal moral law.

Who We Are:

The Ten Commandments Commision - A Judeo-Christian Initiative for a Better Tomorrow

The Ten Commandments Commission was formed in the spring of 2005. The main purpose of the organization is to rally public officials, community leaders, international diplomats and grassroots activists to instill Judeo-Christian values in society.  


Shabbat Shalom Weekly Message 10 Principles for America
                                                  - By President Ron Wexler

What we are doing to promote moral values and security
as no other organization does.

The TCC is:

The TCC has launched a campaign to press the Senate to adopt the resolution to officially recognize the Ten Commandments in American society. The TCC needs to travel to Washington to build support for this crucial initiative. We are a dedicated grassroots organization that has already made great strides in promoting traditional values in ways that no other organization has. Our House Resolution has already been endorsed by many members of both political parties.

Now we need your help to strengthen our efforts in the House and redouble our efforts in the Senate. Please join the struggle to officially instill Judeo-Christian values. Get involved now. We depend on your support and you can make a difference in returning America to its founding values!

Call your Member of Congress and ask him or her to co-sponsor H.Res.598 (to identify your Member of Congress, click here, enter your zip code in the upper left hand portion of the page, and hit "GO.")


TEN CC Proclamation

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